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Torah binder
Creation of Eve
couple in country - Family of Dr. Jekuthiel Ginsburg
Letter to Dr. Simeon Leo regarding a donation to Mount Sinai Hospital
Tageblatt & Jewish Gazette
Official notice that Ruth Nager moved
Ribbon with amulet and letter opener
Rosh Hashanah postcard
Herzl The Jewish State
Embroidery with motto and decorative scene
Untitled (Hand clasping object)
Hedwig Sonnenschein & Jaques Neumann wedding
Unknown Victim
Advertisement for Jaffa oranges
The Story of Pesach
Mrs. M. Mindel invites members of the Hendon Women's Zionist Society to meet Mrs. J. Sagal of Hadassah prior to her departure for New York
Boats in Haifa
List view1 to 20 of 20  

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