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Martha Graham Dance Troop: Deaths and Entrances
Havdalah mat
1 Mark
Untitled [Two bearded Jewish men]
2 Aliyah pins
Document regarding meeting of selection committee in Schweinshaupten
Passover Meals; Food Marketing Leaflet 5
Torah binder (wimpel) of Eliezer Arnezet(?), son of Yaakov Shlomo Goldberg HaLevi
Passport of Bencian/Bentsian Byron
Speech delivered at Walton High Schhol on the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt
Table at Yeshiva Torah V'Daath dinner
Poster stamps for the General Israel Orphans Home for Girls in Jerusalem
Invitation to the opening
Portrait of Yeshayahu
Metulla Landscape
Brief case
Tefillin bag
The Bat Mitzvah Medal
List view1 to 20 of 20  

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